Dog Pain Away
Dog Pain Away (DPA)
Now YOU Can Be Your Dog's Best Friend!

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"Works very, very well on 11 year old Boxer. She was barely moving and within 48 hours she started acting like a pup. I am So happy.!"

Gosia G.
Review - Jan 2017

Dog Pain Away (DPA) by Pet Health Resources is a revolutionary all-natural joint supplement and an alternative to drugs for your Dog. Clinically developed to address the needs of all dogs suffering from joint pain, decreased flexibility and movement, as well as symptoms of arthritis, wearing of cartilage, increased synovial fluid production and inflammation.

Our product is Made in The USA and Shipped same day from our location in the United States.

"Thanks a million for a great product! We use DPA at our animal shelter and have been doing so for over a year with great results. Even our Alaskan Malamut with severe arthritis is mobile again"

D. Lucero
Chesapeake VA

Formulated as a Veterinarian Approved synergistic combination of Type II Collagen (Rebuild connective tissue), Natural Herbs and Systemic Enzymes (Reduce Pain and Inflammation) and Marine Extracts (Revitalize joints) found in the waters off New Zealand, each ingredient was carefully selected and validated to optimize your dog's joint function and comfort. DPA, by Pet Health Resources, provides the building blocks to support healthy joint structure.

It works to rejuvenate aching joints, connective tissue and enhance the immune system.

"I love the payment options, the speed of delivery and the pricing. I have ordered from here many times and have yet to experience one negative thing. The product works well and I am really happy doing business with them!"

K. Minor
Buffalo, NY

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