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What Our Customers Tell Us!

What Our Customers Tell Us!

Rating: Excellent

This Dog Pain Away is great! My lab recovers after a long hike or bird hunting so much faster now. We love this stuff.

- M. Stern

Rating: Excellent
My poor nine-year-old German Shepard Dog could not walk, much less skip around happily, like she does now after using DPA.
A proud customer since 2012!!

- C Fazio.

Rating: Excellent
Our dog is only a year old, but he had surgery and the DPA has been a great help!
When we run out of it we can tell the difference right away.

- Juan P.
Fairfield, IA

Rating: Excellent
I took the Dog Pain Away to my Vet. She liked it and suggested it was worth a try. So I did.
It's nice to know there is something that really works! I have so say, I'm amazed!

- Kathleen D.
Redwood City, CA

Rating: Excellent
We had been using glucosamine for our dog but it didn't really help much. Then a friend told us about Dog Pain Away. It has really helped, works fast, we're are happy and impressed. Thanks!

- Robert P.
Sacramento, CA

Rating: Excellent
"I love speed of delivery and the pricing. I have ordered from here many times and have yet to experience one negative thing. The product works well and I am really happy doing business with them!"

- K. Minor
Buffalo, NY

Rating: Excellent
First time I tried DPA, we had received a sample bottle and then got our own. The tablets helped our dog regain mobility. I didn't want to go the drug route.

- Patricia W.
Restin, VA

Rating: Excellent
Our Golden Retriever is getting on in years so we decided to give her the Dog Pain product. Glad we did. She takes two a day and she's moving well again. We love her!

- Albert L.
Spring Dale, WV

Rating: Good
We have two large dogs, both needing help. This product works and is a good value. Just what we needed. Thanks!

- Kent & Eva
Greenville, SC

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What Our Customers Tell Us!